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Absynthe Dreams

Absynthe Dreams

Label: Flawed Logic Records

Release date: 8-1-2013

Catalog number: FLR001

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> Dim
Stereo Fields
> Sometimes Sarah
Stereo Fields
> Iron
Stereo Fields
> Hypnotized
Stereo Fields
> Dont Fall in Love
Stereo Fields
> In Low Regard
Stereo Fields
> Bassapella (GusGus Remix)
Stereo Fields
> Cruel Evidence
Stereo Fields

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-Absynthe Dreams- by: Stereo Fields is a collective effort of instrumental songs inspired by the desire to mix programming and editing with live improvisation.

These collaborations took place over the years of 2008-2013 between Roger, Jason, and James.

released 01 August 2013

Absynthe Dreams
Written and performed by:
Roger Lopez, Jason McNinch and James M. Lofferdo
Produced by: Roger Lopez for Flawed Logic Records
Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by:
Roger “gReen bEAn” Lopez
Additional Engineering and Production by: Jason McNinch
Mastered by: gReen bEAn @ Flawed Logic Studios
Stereo Fields are: Roger “gReen bEAn” Lopez,
Jason “Yuri” McNinch and James “Manny” Loffredo
Album Art by: gReen bEAn

Legal by:
Alan Shapiro Esq. @ Bullet Proof Legal, Los Angeles, CA

Catalog number: FLR001

© Roger Lopez BMI
℗ Flawed Logic BMI